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Deepti Launches PURTIAHAR Nutrition Programs

Purtiahar Nutrition Programs are  for families & schools. Its specially designed for toddlers, preschoolers, &  young athletes & for families. The programs ensure the positive feeding strategies, good eating habits from a young age,  strong immunity, deeper endurance, tireless stamina and essential fitness . It also provides high nutritional meals to kids, new moms and elderly members in your family

All about Health & Nutrition

We provide intensive online nutrition counseling to parents of babies, toddlers, preschoolers & young athletes for their better immunity and high energy they need everyday

Customized Approach

We have customized approach to every kid’s and parents’ needs

Expert Advice

Our Nutrition Mentors and Health Experts are always there to support you

Good Eating Habits & Immunity

We ensure better academic performances and good healthy habits from very young age

“First 1000 Days of nutrition are critical to a child’s physical and mental development.”

The first 1000 days from the start of a woman’s pregnancy to a child’s second birthday offer a window of opportunity for preventing under nutrition and its consequences. UNICEF and WHO recommends this period with support for breastfeeding, nutrition rich foods for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Deepti Arora

Nutrition Consultant with Families & Kids

She is on board as a nutrition consultant with The Shri Ram Early Years since 6 years + has 

OVER 100 PERSONAL CLIENTS for counselling and also provide NUTRITIOUS CHALLENGE appropriate delicious meals everyday for kids. 

She is Founder and Director of Deliver Delights, & is a certified nutrition consultant for families, sports child  & elderly. 

Her Programs and Meals focuses on developing enhanced strong immunity, deeper endurance, tireless stamina & essential fitness through high nutrition programs which not just helps children, sports persons but also elders and pregnant women.

Deepti has incorporated child psychology and behaviours, integrated age old wisdom of grandmothers and has studied ancient sciences of Ayurveda to learn a science and art of feeding, eating and cooking, as such young adults, families can experience a happy and healthy lifestyle from a very young age to healthy ageing. 

Her Work

Her experience of nurturing families over 6 years above, is not only her profession but her passion too. She takes her sessions online one on one, in groups , through workshops, training programs to help mothers, sports children, women, and elderly people. She has been featured in Mother & Baby Magazine too.  She provides high nutrition meals

‘Food is life, eat it with enormous gratitude’- Deepti

Your Nutrition Path

If your child has Poor Eating Habits

– He is not eating from all food groups age appropriate portion

– He is not gaining weight , height, and on a slow growth phase

– He doesn’t have structured eating & sleeping patterns

Meet the Expert

Book an appointment, share your challenges and get the diagnosis

Take the Nutrition Screening (IHCW & AAP)

A test to understand the nutritional gaps in your child for primary three days

Enroll in the Program

Ensure the better immunity & holistic health.

Raise a Healthy Child

Ensure optimal growth, improved eating patterns, and good behaviors around meal time

“It’s not about eating, it’s about Feeding.”

– Deepti Arora

Love from Our Clients

Deliver Delights program had helped me a lot in transforming my picky eating daughter. She has started trying new delicious as well as healthy dishes and also improve her health. I am so thankful to Deepti, as she assisted me when my daughter has to go for adenoidectomy and tonsillitis surgery. She helped me with the diet post-surgery. She told me that picky eating of children is not just nature but there are various reasons behind it. This helped me to understand my child better and give her what she actually needs. I truly enjoyed the program and want to continue to keep in touch with Deepti.

Renuka Gudipati, Hyderabad

A simple thanks would not be enough for Deepti, I am grateful to you for understanding my child’s problem and making him well from within which turned him to enjoy his meals… Ur positivism kept me going and trust in you helped me to try new things for my lil one…. sometimes we just need to understand that a small change in attitude brings a lot of happiness….thanks for bringing about that change…

Suman Parkash Gulia, Gurgaon

PURTIAHAR Nutrition Programs


Enhanced Strong Immunity

Exceeding Academic Performances

Protection from Frequent Illness

Healthy Eating Habits & Adequate Nutrition

Less Absences in School & Calming Behaviour

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Tireless Stamina

Improved Metabolism

Deeper Endurance

Right Balance of High Nutrition

Protection Against Stress & Injuries

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Essential Fitness

Adequate Nutrition

Balanced Healthy Lifestyle

Diverse Nutrition Rich Varieties

Lower Risks of Women & Girl’s Poor Health

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Nutritional Fitness

Healthy Ageing

Emotional Fitness

Active and Calm Lifestyle

Stable Bone Health

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If it has to do with kids and nutrition, I can help.
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