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Deliver Delights program had helped me a lot in transforming my picky eating daughter. She has started trying new delicious as well as healthy dishes and also improve her health. I am so thankful to Deepti, as she assisted me when my daughter has to go for adenoidectomy and tonsillitis surgery. She helped me with the diet post-surgery. She told me that picky eating of children is not just nature but there are various reasons behind it. This helped me to understand my child better and give her what she actually needs. I truly enjoyed the program and want to continue to keep in touch with Deepti.

Renuka Gudipati, Hyderabad

A simple thanks would not be enough for Deepti, I am grateful to you for understanding my child’s problem and making him well from within which turned him to enjoy his meals… Ur positivism kept me going and trust in you helped me to try new things for my lil one…. sometimes we just need to understand that a small change in attitude brings a lot of happiness….thanks for bringing about that change…

Suman Parkash Gulia, Gurgaon

Thanks to Deepti for creating DeliverDelights! Deepti is not just a professional and enthusiastic child nutritionist but also a wonderful and warm person at heart.

Because of her friendly and down-to-earth nature, I was able to connect with her whenever I was concerned about my 2 year old’s health, eating habits and my own stress levels. She not only takes care of your child’s need but also keeps track of your own mental state while following her programs.

What was most helpful for me were the daily portion sizes of each food group that was to be given to my child according to his age. This way, I made sure that he was getting his daily fats, proteins, dairy, carbs etc. Deepti was also flexible with me when I could not follow her diet plan A to Z, by providing me with alternatives and what suited my lifestyle.

My son also fell ill in between our ongoing session and Deepti recommended great natural remedies that I could easily do at home to make him comfortable and help him feel better. From herbal teas to toddler massages, she’s got you covered!

Totally recommend her to those who are struggling with a stressful atmosphere at home because of their baby’s eating habits. Deepti will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed while you follow her plans.

Maiyah, UAE

I came to know about Deepti through Facebook and after meeting Deepti my healthy lifestyle is going very well.

She portray a high level of professionalism and sincerity in every tasks she undertakes. I have found Deepti extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and healthy eating habits of children. I consult her in all aspects of nutrition whether it involves me or my kids. She has conducted many live sessions about healthy eating habits for children on my fb group in UAE. Her advice has helped a lot of mums in Australia and UAE. A lot of picky eaters are now happy eaters. I highly recommend Deepti.

Nadia Khan, UAE

Thumbs up for the one month I’ve been receiving dabbas for my daughters playschool nashta. The variety and healthiness of the food far exceeded my expectations (everything organic, whole-wheat pasta with hidden veggies, sandwiches stuffed with cream cheese and more hidden veggies – seriously I’m floored!). My daughter took to it slowly, but by the second week most of her dabba was finished. And this was to my intense disappointment as I loved wiping her leftovers clean after picking her up 🙂 Great job

Mother of 3 yr old

I have been consulting Deepti for 6 months now. Her approach towards her clients is ao warm that I don’t feel she is my nutritionists. She works like a family member,follow ups for the plan everyday, keep altering meal plans as per the feedback and doesn’t let me feel low for anything.I may lag behind in following certain things suggested by her, but she will never loose hope and ep motivating. So happy to have her not only as a Nutrionists but also like a friend now

Mother of a 4 year old – Riddhi Desai, Gurgaon

Thanks Deepti for providing daily meals to my little grand daughter. I must tell you that my Danika who is normally a very fussy eater, not only relished them but also looked forward and waited for her mid morning meal to arrive. I must compliment you on a very thoughtful menu which was not only delicious but also had rich nutritious value. Keep up the great work!

Mother of 3 yr old Shririn Passi

Mudita is enjoying her meals fully . Nothing is coming back home . Teacher also mentioned that she is doing great with food and eating independently . Thanks a lot .

Mother of 3 yr old Mudita kabra
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