Relaxation Techniques For Tots


Sometimes, a bundle of energy can become so overwound that constructive channeling is no longer possible. When this happens, its best to begin the unwinding processes promptly. Try relaxing your toddler with any of these soothing techniques.

  • Hugging Cuddling or Massage
  • Soft Music  with or without lyrics
  • Selected, Low – key video tapes
  • A relaxing story
  • A warm bath(only with adult supervision)
  • Playing simple puzzles(only if your toddler doesn’t tend to be frustrated by them)
  • Doodling, painting with a brush or fingers, drawing with crayons or chalk
  • Baking or cooking
  • Water play
  •  Watching fish in a fish tank
  •  Petting a gent pet
  •  Interaction with a calm parent or caregiver
  • Simple parent child meditation, for an older toddler (you both lie down, close your eyes, and picture quiet, pleasant places; you’ll need to guide your toddler at first:” I am thinking about the beach’….)

Once your child has calmed down, try to determine any underlying cause for the wild behavior and see if you  can find a way to deal with it and prevent a repeat.

If you think ,you need an expert advice, would love to support you in toddlerhood challenges.

Wishing you and your little one a happy day today and always:-)

Much Love



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