Open letter from a mother to mother




For me you are my fearless feeder. You are absolutely good enough mum for me.

I am writing this letter of love to you with deep understanding your fears, doubt’s, angers, and frustrations when you offer food to your child.

I understand the dissatisfaction and repeated feeling of rejections. I know you because I was you.

My mornings were not calm and satisfactory when I use to feed my daughter rejecting one after another every item and still don’t ask for anything whole day. My child was never satisfied with anything and never experienced the fulfilling meals even if she eats with her friends. I feel so sad when her friends enjoy the food and my child says don’t even want to try.

I am feeling goosebumps right now, when Iam recalling my last few years.

It felt so painful, embarrassing in front of family, fearful of giving next meals or doubtful, if the child will accept it or not. Any of the recipes from anywhere doesn’t work with her, no matter how fresh or delicious it was. Google was a failure at my home… alexa was not even born then.

Do you also feel the same and ever feel to come out of this phase? Will it be possible that both you and your child, both enjoying the journey together, and experience freedom, fearless mealtimes, stress free & joyful meal time envoirment, and even more will you be ever able to enjoy your relationship with your spouse?

… because you are so overwhelmed with the pressure of feeding every two hours.

I see you. I don’t want you to live with the struggle.  I want you to feel FREE. Free from painful feeding journey. I want you to be positive and a happy feeder  & wish that  your complicated and entangled emotions are not bothering you anymore.

I want you to be confident, where you are experiencing guiltless life of not being seen as a good mum.

A life where you are living a beautiful journey of motherhood and accepting your flaws and skills. There is no one watching you and asking you questions about your child’s poor eating habits. No one will embarrass you with shameful questions.

I don’t want you yo stay with those strong negative emotions.

Iam telling you here, you are a magical mother, accept yourself, and emerge from that fearful and painful feeding phase of your life.

I want you to give you so much, and to those whose who are living with that stress and struggle.

Imagine your life with joy, love, fear free, pain free, stress free, and guilt free everyday with your child. You are only experiencing acceptance over rejections, you are appreciated rather than insulted.

You feel free from whole day struggle of feeding and able to share the quality time with your spouse, feel him ,love him, have so much comfortable vacation with him. He is truly loving your positive mindsets and equally supporting you in your feeding journey.

I will not laugh at you. I will not doubt  you, because you are enough for me and in my world. I will be with you in your journey with love and compassion. I will help you to reach the root cause of your happiness, satisfaction and freedom.

with what?

simple mealtime techniques and nourishing mindsets, that’s how I have found my Joyful Meal Environment.

Iam there to hold your hand and take you with me to a nourished path, where you will not have to feel rejected, dissatisfied, or never cook with fear and doubts, you will not feel stuck, I promise you.

I honour our your time, I have structures and guidance to support you and making sure your nourishing joyful ness with your child.

….a beautiful space of nourishment and joy is waiting for you…!

If this is what you want for your life, your child and your heart then lets chat. Book your free joyful meal planning call with me today.

Much Love,



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