Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How a Feeding Expert’s  Advice helps?

A feeding expert advice helps mothers to be a primary nurture and help mothers to create a healthy and positive relationship between food and children.

When should you consider taking the program?

When everything fails:

  • Children are unwilling to eat healthy food and prefer the convenience food available in the market.
  • You are constantly challenged with coming up with interesting food ideas to get your family to eat joyfully.
  • You are worried why your child falls sick so often.
  • You are worried about what is a well-balanced diet for my child.
  • You understand What to serve but fails in How to serve.
  • When you worry about your child’s growth, weight, height & don’t want to give any medicines for that
  • When you are drained by the end of the day running around your child to feed
  • When you don’t have basic cooking skills and don’t know how to add variety
  • When your own health is taking toll and your child is stuck with his own favorite foods & where adding variety seems impossible.
  • When you want to simplify life around family meal times

Do you help me with customised challenges like my child’s weight gain, weaning off bottle feed or breastfeed?

Yes, we do that & support the mother with customised meal plans and techniques to gain weight or come out gently of child’s hard habit of weaning off bottle feed or mother’s milk.

Do you offer Vegetarian and especial protein rich or calcium rich plans ?

They are coming very soon!

My kid won’t eat one of the meals or one of the ingredients. What should I Do?

Most recipes are very versatile and you can swap out one ingredient for another or simply omit. If your child doesn’t eat paneer, for example, you can substitute for tofu or soya. If your family doesn’t cook with groundnut oil,, you can purchase mustard oil, for example. Alternatively, you can select another meal from a different week or one of your family’s favorite meals. Our meal plans are there to help you get all the nutrients in a day to your child.

Who should use our services?

  • Mothers/ Parents who are facing challenges with picky eating toddlers.
  • Mothers/ Parents those who are looking for adding more variety to their child’s plate.
  • New mothers those who are having postpartum anxieties and need support to be motivated and wish to regain their own health and their little ones.
  • Mothers those who want to support their athlete kids.
  • Mothers those who are looking for the optimal & well nutritional growth of their teenagers.

Program Specific Queries

How do I get my plan each week?

Every Thursday a new meal plan will arrive directly to your email inbox. All you have to do is click on the link and the meal plan will open up in a new window. From there, you can save it or print it.

Where i will be getting the teachings of programs?

Happy eating programs are online programs. Mothers from anywhere can be the part of our family. Programs can be 121 on skype, whats app call, hangout, or google duo. We are expanding into online group coachings in the upcoming years.

What options are open for me to me after the program to be in structure & do not fall back with my learnings?

All our program members are connected to me weekly no matter they have taken 3 days program or 90 days program.

They can also be connected to me once in a month and ask their questions and challenges with me and get all the support they need. They stay in structure and rarely fall back with their structures.

If my child doesn’t accept that meal plan which is shared. How you can help?

We give you the science and art of feeding through our valuable resources during the program which you will fill on a daily basis so that we can together keeping the track of accepted foods. Our team gradually helps you to incorporate the favorite food and new foods gently to the child. We also help you to understand the parenting approach and with feeding strategies that works.  We suggest you to keep the trust & your worries down so that you can focus on building up healthy eating habits.

Are the meal plan recipes repeated often?

No, we don’t repeat the same meals week after week. We have many favorites that many of our subscribers ask to be reinstated in the weekly menus; so every few months you might see one. In our renewable plans, we only repeat a recipe when we need to combine ingredients to save you money at the grocery. Our goal is to offer you a variety of recipes so meal making is exciting.

How many servings are in each plan?

All weekly meal plans include 5 well balanced , nutrient dense and age appropriate recipes per day. The valuable resource of RDA Food portion size will be shared with you to understand the age appropriate food portions for your child. Our meal plans typically have 4-5 times servings. Our plan also have the bedtime snacks to make your child sleep better.

How do I pay for My 30 days or 90 days or Nutrition assessment Plan?

First, select the meal plan you would like to purchase and continue through the choose process. Book and appointment and give your nutrition assessment test. After interventions and diagnosis you will be guided for your next move.

What will be my takeaway from my nutrition assessment ?

Your takeaways of first consult of nutrition assessment with us will be: Guidance on what are the nutritional gaps in your child. Guidance on What you can offer to your child for the next few days, Guidance on the art of feeding.

How do I cancel my membership renewal?

You may email us at any time to cancel your membership and one of our customer service team members will be happy to assist you with your cancellation.

On one-time, non-renewable memberships, we offer a 5 day money back. There will be no refunds for late cancellations.

Health Related Queries

We have a constipation and our child’s sleeping patterns are also challenging. I can’t decide if this program will help me or not ?

This program certainly work with the mother to make the plan child friendly and which helps the child to relax with the root cause of the challenge first. The program helps the mother and child both to soothe the frustration & deal powerfully with the hard habits using techniques and tools to feed the child. and If you can’t decide which plan will fit your needs best, our suggestion is to start with what you struggle with most and what it’s easiest for you i.e nutrition assessment. Most people find the 90 days program the easiest to start with because of their child’s hard habit. Neuroscience says it takes 66 days to change the habits and we work very patiently to deal the challenge and gradually come out of it with the help of the  family. Of course, you can always try one plan and do a one-time switch to the other plan if you feel u need more guidance of your coach.

If it has to do with kids and nutrition, I can help.
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