Deepti Arora, Founder and Director of Deliver Delights, is a certified Feeding Coach and a childhood nutrition expert. She helps parents nourishing their kids with healthy meals, positive feeding strategies and healthy habits that last for a lifetime. As a childhood nutrition expert, she has been working with babies, toddlers, children and teens in a variety of settings from private practice and consulting to work in groups, supporting corporate moms since last 14 years.

After facing similar issues with her kid, Deepti came up with the idea of helping peer mothers to be the primary nurturer of their families. To work towards her goal, she had studied child nutrition, incorporated child psychology and worked under pediatricians as a nutrition expert, integrated age old wisdom of grandmothers, studied ancient sciences of Ayurveda to learn a science and art of feeding and living as such young adults can experience a great lifestyle from a very young age. And hence, after extensive research and study, gaining knowledge of this domain, experimentations, practices and experience, she became an Eating Habits Expert and a Feeding Coach.



Deepti Says

Hi, I am Deepti Arora. I am passionate about transforming picky eaters into happy eaters with 13+ years of experience in this area, having worked both in India and Abroad. My venture, Deliver Delights, specifically support mothers of young children between tender age of 6 months to toddlerhood till 5 years to create a strong foundation of healthy eating habits from a very young age for lifetime. I share my knowledge through workshops, online platforms and through different magazines and love to support the mothers to tackle toddlerhood challenges they face in the formative years. I am with various organizations like Shriram School, Baby Chakra to provide healthy meals to the young toddlers on the daily basis. I regularly conduct workshops with them and help parents to understand how they can be their child’s role models at home through valuable interactions and healthy meal plans.

If it has to do with kids and nutrition, I can help.
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