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Hello Dear Reader,

I am here, a friend, a mum, a committed listener, your success partner in creating a blissful healthy life for you & for your family …

I am on board as a nutrition consultant with The Shri Ram Early Years for 6 years + OVER 100 PERSONAL CLIENTS for counselling and provide NUTRITIOUS CHALLENGE appropriate delicious meals every day

I am a Founder and Director of Deliver Delights, & a certified nutrition consultant for families, sports child & elderly.


How I help

My Nutrition Programs – PURTIAHAR and Meals focuses on developing enhanced strong immunity, deeper endurance, tireless stamina & essential fitness through high nutrition programs which not just helps children, sports persons but also elders and pregnant women.


I have incorporated child psychology and behaviours, integrated age old wisdom of grandmothers and has studied ancient sciences of Ayurveda to learn a science and art of feeding, eating and cooking, such as young adults, families can experience a happy and healthy lifestyle from a very young age to healthy ageing.


How Programs Delivered

I take one on one coaching, group counselling, or virtual coaching with parents and family members under PURTIAHAR Nutrition Programs.

If you have a marathon runner at home or a new mum in the family or the elderly parent who needs nutrition support or a toddler who has low immunity, feel free to connect with me at 9810282445. I will be a committed listener to your challenges…I can help!

I have been enjoying my passion (now my profession) in this field of personal transformational growth for last more than 8 years now. I have experienced myself low immunity, poor eating habits in my own kids for years, low stamina and frequent injuries were weekly story with my competitive sports child for long. I have gone through that pain which you feel.

I have worked with middle aged mums to enhance their nutritional values and supported my own parents too with nutritional support and healthy ageing. It worked magically.

…..Let’s create the magic together. If I can do it, you can do it.

More about PURTIAHAR- a sacred fulfilment with food. PURTIHAR Nutrition Programs are for families & schools. Its specially designed for toddlers, pre-schoolers, & young athletes & for families. The programs ensure the positive feeding strategies, good eating habits from a young age, strong immunity, deeper endurance, tireless stamina and essential fitness.

It also provides high nutritional meals to kids, new moms and elderly members in your family


One of my happy parents shares:

Deepti is very knowledgeable and tries to add variety to child’s food plan keeping taste buds in mind. What I really like about the plan was getting knowledge of how to effectively create a food plan keeping growth needs in mind. Thank you for the association. Akansha Sood Jaggi

A very healthy yet yummy place to be at! My son loves the recipes shared by Deepti so much that I have get a tough time recreating what she does during her training sessions and keep the bar raised. Deepti has been the most approachable, understanding nutritionist I could have come across- considering the kind of fussy eaters kids are, their time tables from school, extra classes and holidays. Deepti has a solution for all types of meals/nutrition that can be given at any given point in time as per your comfort level in cooking and fetching items. I would highly recommend her today and always for her knowledge. I have referred her to my circle of friends and have always heard only praises for her work. Am glad to have found her. Riddhi Mittal Desai

If you have a question about your child’s poor eating habits, or you really want to take care of your own health while raising healthy kids or your elderly parents needs support?

Feel free to mail me at deepti@deliverdelights.com or call at 9810282445.  I would be so happy to speak with you.

You can be in touch with me through social media. I am available at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.


Deep Gratitude.

P.S. Food is life, eat with enormous gratitude

If it has to do with kids and nutrition, I can help.
Call 98102 82445 eMail: deliverdelights@gmail.com

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