About Us

“Meal Structure + Feeding Style leads to a Healthy Kid”

Deliver Delights was started to make children eat healthy food through natural ways. Deliver Delights not only provides the feeding guidance but also help the parents and guardian “way of thinking” when it comes to food habits of their kids.

We, at Deliver Delights, work on Eating with structure and authoritarian feeding style which helps children learn how to effectively manage their hunger, develop self-control and avoid the pitfalls of mindless eating.


Through Ayurveda and holistic practices, we try to recognize an inherent self-healing process in child and then take actions to identify and remove obstacles to healing and recovery. We seek to identify and remove the underlying causes of illness/challenge rather than to merely eliminate or suppress symptoms. Deliver Delights try to educate the parents and encourage self-responsibility for child’s health to bridge the gaps between abundance and what is actually the need.


Our vision is to nurture feeding and help a child to grow with love and with right feeding approach and hence we aspire to build nourished families. To achieve to our mission, we provide direct support to parents to nourish their kids with nutritious healthy meals, positive feeding strategies & healthy habits that last for lifetime.


  • To reach every mother and families worldwide to have the access to the positive feeding strategies and professional care to transform picky eaters to happy eaters.
  • To help every family has a nutrition goal and is every mother is the primary nurturer.